GC7A1 MAX blk


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GC7A1 MAX blk

A Northern Recon exclusive!

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This gun is not to be confused with the standard GC7A1.  This GC7A1 has the MAX upgraded internals that sets it above and beyond in performance and durability.  Metal upper and lower receiver, 8mm metal bearings, 4x magnification scope, tri-mount, 450 round mag.

upgrades from the standard model include:

  • Motor: High torque 25000 rpm
  • Barrel: 6.03 tight bore inner barrel, with super smooth inner surface finish for increased accuracy
  • Wiring: 16 AWG wiring set,  allowing for faster trigger response and lower power consumption.  Dean plug also includes Tamiya adaptor for more battery options
  • Piston: Metal
  • Cylinder Head: Metal
  • Hop up: Metal, allowing for better durability and air seal

If you are looking for a high performance out of the box gun, then this is it.

  • Model: MAX-016-7A1-BLK-NCM
  • Manufactured by: G&G


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 5 cm


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