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The Classic Army M4 ARS4-13 is an M4 with a 13″ free float keymod rail and an 14.5″ outer barrel.  The monolithic profile rail system has a standard picatinny configuration on the top rail, allowing for fitting of standard railed mounted scopes, lights, lasers or other accessories.  The gun features an ergonomic grip, flip up front and rear sights, and a retractable crane stock, and a sling adaptor plate.  This gun comes individually serial numbered and comes with a 300rd metal high capacity magazine.


Overall Length 660mm-850mm (Adjustable Stock)
Overall Weight 2880g
Inner Barrel Length 363mm
Inner Barrel Diameter 6.03mm
Hop-Up Adjustable
Piston Material Heat Treated Polymer
Spring Guide Metal Spring Guide with Bearing
Cylinder Head Aluminum Bore-Up
Gearbox 9mm Bearing Metal Gearbox 
Gearset Wire Cut, Steel 21:1 gear ratio
Trigger High Heat Tolerance 
Rate of Fire 800-900 rpm with 9.6V battery
Velocity 375-400 fps with 0.20g BBs

Manufactured by Classic Army


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